Design & Approvals

Stonegate is one of the only residential builders that can offer an affordable in-house custom design, drafting and building service. Building a new home is not something you do every day. Because of this we wanted to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to truly make it their own.

As part of our Design and Construct service we now offering our to Clients necessary design, building permits, approvals and compliance certificates for any building project NSW wide.  Working with experienced team of Architects, Engineers, Designers, Private Certifiers and Building Inspectors and with a network of business partners throughout all states and territories of Australia we are able to service any project.  Additionally, we are able to assess performance based building designs.

From the outset of every project, we are committed to working with the design team to ensure all building permits, approvals and compliance certificates are granted in a timely fashion.  We will discuss your building design ideas with you and provide quality advice early on during the design and approval phase.  We then follow every project though to final design and approval.

The Development Application Process

For a development application, Stonegate will prepare a full set of architectural plans and the following reports:

  • Site analysis report
  • Statement of environmental effects
  • Shadow diagrams
  • Concept landscape plans
  • Stormwater drainage design
  • Waste management report
  • External colours and materials schedule
  • BASIX report

Design Works

The next step will be the preparation of a preliminary design. Stonegate architect will prepare a suitable concept design based on your ideal outcomes and the site inspection report.On completion of the design work your Stonegate representative will arrange to meet with you to review the concept design as well as tender inclusions and pricing. Once you agree, Stonegate will prepare the building contract based on the HIA standard contract. After you have reviewed and signed the contract, we will begin preparation of the development application submission. Should Council require additional information during their assessment of the application Stonegate will endeavour to provide the requested information and deal with any Council queries. Stonegate have the necessary experience and knowledge to take care of your project and guide you through the process.

Find out how you can build your custom made home on your site contacting us via our enquiry form below or telephone on: 0419 972 925