Taking the owner builder route offers astronomical savings to building your desired dream home, as the typical residential builder’s margins hover around 25%. With the typical cost of building a house in Sydney is anywhere from $1350/m2 (lower quality) and up to $3150m/2(higher quality) the average home of 300m2 costs anywhere from $405,000 and up to $945,000 to build. For many using a private residential builder with the builder’s onsite costs sitting anywhere from $82,000 to $138,000 to supervise and manage their residential build.

It is no wonder that for many in Sydney, using a volume home builder appears to be the only viable option for an economical way to build when compared to the typical private residential builder. However this does come at a cost. Firstly the cost for variations is absurdly high which many fail to note prior to signing the contract (which is where many volume home builders recoup their margin – i.e. profit). Secondly volume home builders build down to a budget rather than build up to a quality. Thirdly, the business model of many volume home builders is that of volume, building several hundred homes a year.

However there is another way to build your own dream home to a reasonable budget while maintaining a certain degree of quality and that is going down the owner builder route. Many individuals that consider the owner builder route feel overwhelmed as they lack the required construction experience or knowledge required to oversee their very own home build which is why for many it does not offer any advantage.

In addition to our standard building services we have a pleasure to offer our experience and skills to support people thinking of taking the owner builder route. We are offering to consult owner-builders through their very own home builds offering consulting advice by the hour with a no contract basis. You’ll remain in charge of your own home build, filling the natural ‘builder’ void onsite while we will provide the offsite support similar to that of a Project Manager.

Some of the services that we are able to offer to owner builders:

  • Providing a detailed construction plan utilising Microsoft Project Planning allowing you to speed up and better plan your construction.
  • Analysing and assessing subcontractor quotes on your behalf and providing our input and feedback.
  • Completing material take offs (undertaking calculations on material quantities to ensure no over ordering)
  • Analysing and assessing plans before DA submission to identify potential construction issues and addressing potential cost savings.
  • Providing general guidance and advice throughout the life cycle of the project.